A gate for the Former Coastguard Cottages, White Nothe.


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It began with a handle. An ammonite Handle. Our clients were looking for a gate to replace a rotten wooden one and saw a blacksmith made ammonite door handle and that was it…..

They asked us to produce a gate for the Former Coastguard Cottages at White Nothe on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. These buildings, built at the start of the last century, were to be a deterrent to smugglers still using the cliffs and beaches along this coast to attempt to dodge the Revenue.

Its an exposed place. More than a mile from the road, sitting on the cliff top with amazing views towards Weymouth and Portland. Wooden gates don’t last long…

It need to replace this gate and provide a modicum of security without being in your face about the keep out thing…


The coast path passes the front of the cottages and our clients were looking for a special piece to celebrate their home and it’s environment (and it had to have an ammonite).

Our design took inspiration elements from the cliffs, flags, waves, the sea, it’s denizens and the fossils hiding below…..

DesignWe had good dimensions and a strong design, so it was time to realise it!


The Frame came together reasonably quickly, but the main part of the effort was to be in the decoration.


Fish were drawn, laser cut and then forged to bring them to life…DSC_0573.JPG

The lettering ordering and layout discussed and agreed…


The lettering is riveted on to keep the edges clean and crisp…


And of course, the ammonite created…


And finally, all together. It also has a secret, one just for the owners to admire! No peeking!


This is actually the finished gate after galvanising for the second time as we weren’t happy with the result of the first dip. It just had to be right both from a survival point of view next to the sea and from an aesthetic perspective after all our work to get it looking lovely.

All that was left to do was take a short trip to the seaside!


It’s a spectacular place and we had a lovely day to be there, fortunately. It must have been pretty bleak for the coastguards stationed there at times. Not much time to admire the view as there was work to be done.

IMG-20170824-WA0006I never like the bit where I have to drill holes in the clients property, but there’s often no choice. It went fairly straightforwardly and soon enough, we had fitted our masterpiece.

IMG-20170824-WA0004DSC_0781Big smiles all round. Very satisfactory outcome. I really like the design and it was fun to build.


Take a moment for a breather on your coastal walk and take a look next time you are passing. We think it’s worth the walk…